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Budget Savvy - DIY Wedding Plants

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The use of foliage in styling has become so popular lately – it can bring a really natural, organic look to your wedding and can be cheaper than using flowers. Why not take it a step further and style venue using living plants or a combination of flowers and plants?

Plants are a great option for the environmentally and budget conscious couple – they can be kept after the wedding and planted in your own garden, sold or given to guests as gifts. Here are some tips for styling a ceremony space using living plants.

Use plants to fit in with your chosen style

If you were going for a more modern, industrial look you might use less leafy plants with spiky leaves, and if you wanted a vintage look you could use a variety of herbs or plants with flowers on them.

Use interesting vessels and accessories in a mix of materials

Pot plants are definitely back in vogue which means that there is a huge range of gorgeous vessels and other accessories such as hanging planters and plant stands available at the moment. Concrete, ceramic and metal pots as well as some metal plant stands and macramé plant hangers are just some examples.

Create different heights

To really make an impact, use plants of different heights or create different heights by using props to rest plants on.

Use flowers to add colour/texture

The use of floral garlands adds some contrasting colour and texture to the set up.

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